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guys j lo looks like iggy’s mom in that video and it makes me uncomfortable


St. Vincent in her recent profile in the Guardian.

I feel exactly the same way, which is why I’ve always been fascinated with the idea of personal and stylistic uniforms and how they allow the everyday person the ability to explore and express themselves without having to complicate or explain who they are. In some ways, they are used as defense mechanisms, as methods of fitting in. In others, they are a method, a system. First comes the order, then comes the madness.

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i watched drinking buddies because i couldn’t remember the end and the end is dumb and now i’m sad

i’m trying to find someone to cut my hair and i’m feeling very overwhelmed

also i need to get my color corrected but i can’t decide what i want to do. fighting the urge to go blonde again… currently i have like a bad ombre because the brown dye over my blonde is fading and then like my regular hair has been growing in since may. it’s a mess.